A new kind of tradition for supporting women starting businesses




Shine Registry is a new kind of tradition for supporting women starting businesses. We host profiles of businesses and their founders with wedding registry-style lists of the stuff that they need. Founders ask for support while they are starting their businesses and give their communities an opportunity to show that support in meaningful and substantive ways.


Host a business shower
and register with us


If you're hosting a business shower for yourself or a friend, make sure to create a registry here so guests know how they can contribute to your success! 

The ways we measure success have changed, especially for women. The traditions we have to celebrate and support success have not. There is no social tradition celebrating single women between graduation and their 40th birthday but you can be a part of changing that by creating a registry or fulfilling something for someone today. 

You can ask for a gravy boat when you get married, and you can ask for what you need when you start a company.