Chianti & The Happy Pop-Up

Chianti Lomax is a millennial trainer, Certified Personal and Executive Coach, and the founder of The Happy Pop-Up, a purposefully curated interactive experience that introduces the science of happiness to the millennial community.  Her mission is to create a safe space where people can gather with intention in community to be inspired, express kindness, and share tools that cultivate the happiest versions of ourselves. Chianti is passionate about taking her work into corporate workspaces to help organizations develop mindful and creative strategies for improving employee satisfaction and retention.

Mei Lum & The w.o.w. Project

Mei is the 5th generation owner-in-training of Wing on Wo 永安和, the oldest store in Chinatown, New York selling the best quality porcelain ware since 1925. She is also the founder and director of The W.O.W Project and passionate about building a socially-minded business model for Wing on Wo.   

Photo by Teddy Wolff

Photo by Teddy Wolff

Mehron Price & Grants on a mission

Mehron is a nonprofit professional who wants to bring high-quality, affordable fundraising services to nonprofits everywhere. Grants on a Mission translates the amazing missions and stories of nonprofits into sustainable fundraising strategies. Grants on a Mission is Mehron's first business and she is very excited to bring her dedication to serving nonprofits into the business world. 

Caroline Caselli & Haven Connect

Caroline Caselli is the founder of Haven Connect, a company that streamlines affordable housing applications. By creating TurboTax for Affordable Housing, she's helping low-income applicants navigate the bureaucracy of finding an affordable place to live by building better property management software. She started the company after 4 years as a social worker and handwriting innumerable housing applications on behalf of her clients.