Shine Brighter

The Shine Brighter program is a unique opportunity to increase the visibility of your organization to those that use and follow our platform.

In late 2018, we were approached by Jess Hershey LLC ,

The Shine Brighter Program will include services provided to companies featured on Shine Registry and will be made possible by our Shine Brighter Partners. We are already engaged with talented service providers that are ready to work with founders on entrepreneurship coaching, marketing and public relations efforts, and strategic business planning. These services will be distributed as service packages to companies that apply to participate.

Partners will receive high-engagement placement on the Shine Registry website featuring their logo, company name, link to preferred website, and a brief paragraph. All mentions of the Shine Brighter Program on and social channels will acknowledge your company or organization as a brand that is celebrating and supporting the success of women starting new businesses and ventures.