Mehron Price & Grants on a Mission


A little about Mehron & Grants on a Mission

Mehron is a grant writer on a mission! 

Mehron is a nonprofit professional who wants to bring high-quality, affordable fundraising services to nonprofits everywhere. Grants on a Mission translates the amazing missions and stories of nonprofits into sustainable fundraising strategies. Grants on a Mission is Mehron's first business and she is very excited to bring her dedication to serving nonprofits into the business world. 

Prior to founding Grants on a Mission, LLC., Mehron served in Development roles at the Taproot Foundation in DC and Legal Outreach in New York City. Thus far, she has raised $3M+ over the tenure of her career in nonprofit fundraising.

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  • Little Things 

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    • Introduce Mehron to:
      • Other grant writing consultants with their own businesses
      • Nonprofits who may be interested in grant writing help
      • Grant writers looking for awesome part-time roles at Grants on a Mission
  • Big Stuff

    • Contribute to buying Mehron a new laptop  
    • Donate a membership to a DC co-working space
    • Recommend potential Board members in the DC area


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