Chianti Lomax & The Happy Pop-Up


A little about Chianti & The Happy Pop-Up

Chianti Lomax is a millennial trainer, Certified Personal and Executive Coach, and the founder of The Happy Pop-Up, a purposefully curated interactive experience that introduces the science of happiness to the millennial community.  This event is a one of kind explosion of positivity, music, wellness, and pure joy. Chianti’s mission is to create a safe space where people can gather with intention in community to be inspired, express kindness, and share tools that cultivate the happiest versions of ourselves. She believes that by creating such a space she will ignite ripples of light, good energy, and change into the world around her. Chianti is passionate about taking her work into corporate workspaces to help organizations develop mindful and creative strategies for improving employee satisfaction and retention.

Prior to the Happy Pop-Up, she spent the 10+ years developing high quality training programs for executive level public, private sector, and nonprofit clients in the technology consulting space with firms such as IBM, Accenture, and Booz Allen Hamilton. 

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Photo taken by Patra Siriratpiriya at a 2016 Happy Pop-Up event

Photo taken by Patra Siriratpiriya at a 2016 Happy Pop-Up event

  • Little Things 

  • Small Asks

    • Make an introduction to:
      • Major brands who have wellness / mental health initiatives for potential sponsorships (financial and products)
      • Established tech, human capital, or professional services entrepreneurs interested in mentoring
      • HR managers and employee engagement managers to test new ideas and service pricing 
      • HR and employee engagement decision-makers to pitch corporate services 
  • Big Stuff

    • Become a part-time business mentor for Chianti providing planning and strategy advice 
    • Donate web development services to improve user experience for The Happy Pop-Up

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